Stay Flexible for 2021 With Outdoor Yoga in San Antonio!

Being inside all the time can really take a toll on the muscles and joints. How so? Well, when you’re constantly curled up into a ball on the couch, binging Netflix and keeping away from the rest of the world, your body starts adapting in a negative direction. 

That’s why the Cherrity Bar is featuring outdoor yoga on the patio for all participants to enjoy. Yoga can be an incredibly healthy way to build a sense of flexibility and balance for your body. And even better, it can be a great way to cultivate a healthier heart as well! For anxious people, in particular, yoga is a helpful way to alleviate stress, as well as promote a solid way to achieve feelings of relaxation. It’s an overall essential physical exercise that many should embrace when it comes to making good choices about their physical wellbeing.

If you’re living in the East Side section of San Antonio, this great yoga on the patio event is sure to bring the community together. The Cherrity Bar’s special yoga happy hour comes complete with food and cocktail specials, offering a tasty array of drinks and snacks for after your yoga session. Guests can expect to have some quality time learning different positions to help stretch out their limbs and practice proper breathing techniques. It’s really a great way to center yourself and unwind with other members of the San Antonio community.

Of the many apartment communities I’ve stayed at in the city, easily the best experiences I’ve ever had were Latitude Apartments and Terrain at Medical Center. Not only are they within quick reach of the Cherrity Bar, but they provide the kind of affordable pricing, pet-friendly services, and generous amenities one would expect from high living. I really enjoyed my time living at each and I can’t recommend them enough for first-timers moving into the area.

For this special yoga event, parking is FREE across the street at the Alamodome. A $5 minimum donation per person is required. In my opinion, it’s all worth it for some quality time getting to work on your flexibility as well as strengthening your sense of concentration alongside fellow participants. Especially now during the pandemic, it’s good to spend some time out and about with other people, though Covid-19 social distancing precautions will be set in place. 

Are you ready? I sure am! Go out there and make the magic happen with this special yoga experience!


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Jan 26

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