Poteet’s Strawberry Festival is Simply the Sweetest!

I’ll confess--strawberries are easily my favorite fruit, as well as a truly tasty topping for all the best desserts.

For San Antonio Residents, the nearby-Poteet Strawberry Festival is slated to begin! Running from April 9th through April 11th, guests can enjoy the fresh smells of the very best home-grown strawberries in the region. The Poteet Strawberry Festival has been a local staple for over 75 years, acting as a critical source of funding for scholarships, local farmers, non-profits, and small businesses. 

At the festival, guests can enjoy live entertainment, outdoor concerts, rodeo performances, and of course the showcasing of some truly delicious strawberries. Kids under 12 are admitted free of charge, a huge benefit for those of you with families. Over 100 different groups will be featured in the festival for judging, winners being provided high-demand scholarship opportunities. It’s just a great way to enjoy some quality entertainment, as well as spread some love for the many important organizations in the community. Not to mention that you’re definitely going to want to bring some delicious Poteet strawberries home to savor with friends and family.

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The Poteet Strawberry Festival relies on the support of guests in order to continue to thrive. So I definitely recommend anyone curious to pay a visit and share some pure community goodwill with these dedicated farmers, volunteers, and workers. The event itself is a great way to get some fresh air, as well as celebrate some delicious local food and services. 

If you’re curious about the festival and its history, go ahead and visit their website HERE. Covid-19 safety precautions will be in place and guests are encouraged to wear a mask and practice safe social distancing. Have fun!


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Mar 23

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