ALWAYS Remember: Visit the Famous San Antonio Alamo

There’s a great honor that comes with being a native Texan. Some say that we’re naturally proud due to our warm climate and a steady supply of crops and livestock. And while that may indeed be true, we have one staple of pride that no other state in the US has--the Alamo.

I’ve held off on talking about the Alamo for a while. But mostly because I wanted to whet your tastebuds if you’re not as familiar with the place. To make things simple, the Alamo is a BIG deal for Texans. It was the place where brave men fought and died for Texas’ freedom from Mexico. And though the Alamo ultimately ended in death instead of victory, it remains a pinnacle landmark in Texas’ proud history.

If you’re living in San Antonio, I would pretty much say that it is your civic duty to visit the Alamo at least once. Not only will you get to learn about a major cornerstone of Texas history, but you’ll also get to immerse yourself deeper into the scope of San Antonio’s rich climate and culture. And while that doesn’t sound like much, it’s worth it if you love the city as much as I do. 

It’s no secret that San Antonio is probably my favorite Texas city next to Houston. And for good reason since the city sports great food, great culture, and great living options. From Latitude Apartments to Terrain at Medical Center, San Antonio has plenty of affordable, pet-friendly options for those of you looking to settle down in an excellent Texas city with a family-friendly atmosphere. Plus, if you’re a student, there’s plenty of great universities to choose from including Trinity University, St. Mary’s, or the University of the Incarnate Word. Apartment living just makes the student housing process all the more simple, in my opinion.

I definitely recommend stopping by the Alamo for a visit. Plus, you can also experience some great nearby attractions including nearby shopping venues as well as the San Antonio Riverwalk. Just remember to wear your mask when you go! The Alamo really does have a rich history and you won’t want to miss out on it! If you’re looking for additional information about the Alamo, you can visit their main website HERE

Stop by and see for yourself why the Alamo is the pride of all things Texas! I can promise you that you’re going to love every moment. The Alamo is a place that is ALWAYS worth remembering!


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Apr 13

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