A Relaxing Day on the San Antonio River Walk

The Alamo isn’t the only iconic location that San Antonio has to offer! 

If there’s one place I truly love more than anyplace else in the Downtown San Antonio area, it’s definitely the River Walk. This scenic riverside location offers visitors the chance to enjoy a sense of quiet serenity, the perfect family activity for those who enjoy a good walk. 

But that isn’t all the River Walk offers! Just recently, running to January 30th, the San Antonio River Authority has now authorized river kayaking right on the water! Here, visitors can rent a kayak and enjoy riding down the River Walk as it winds down through San Antonio’s world-famous Downtown Business District. It’s an easy, breezy 3.5-mile flat-water kayak trip that you and your family won’t want to miss! While advanced registration is required and there will be a rental fee for the kayak, paddles, and life vest, the opportunity is very much worth the cost and you can enjoy a great introspective look at Downtown San Antonio right from the comfort of your boat! 

San Antonio always has something for everyone, especially when it comes to its residents. In terms of affordable apartment living here, both Latitude Apartments and Terrain at Medical are both excellent living choices. These pet-friendly Karya-owned apartments have been my go-to in the past and they both have the added advantage of being just fifteen minutes away from the River Walk with little to no traffic, even on the weekend. You’ll find them to be excellent choices when it comes to location convenience, as well as great opportunities for friendly service and good amenities. I’d definitely recommend them for any first-timer that plans on staying in San Antonio for a while. But the great thing about the city is that it’s so easy to navigate through that no matter where you stay, you’ll always have easy travel through the area. It’s part of the reason why San Antonio is one of my favorite places in Texas!

When you decide to embark on your kayak river adventure, make sure to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and sunglasses! Though January is a cold month in Texas, you’re better off being well prepared for some sun. Reservations can only be made for Fridays and the weekend so make sure to register for a spot before the event ends! For additional information, you can visit the main website HERE. Check-ins will be on the river level behind the Tobin Center.

Have fun and try not to get too wet!


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Jan 13

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